Why Businesses Choose LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the most famous social media among business people with best practices. It is the only network that offers users the facility to market their products and service. Advertising is an essential best practice that is highly recommended for small businesses. LinkedIn offers its users free tools for marketing online as a best practice.

LinkedIn Advertising Tools

Business people can create their own advertisements to target audience according to age, gender, industry, company title, job title and other criteria. When advertisements are created, they automatically appear on the profile or home page of other members. This increases B2B opportunities and increases best practices. Advertisements contain texts, images and links to other URL’s.

There is a price for using LinkedIn for advertisements, just like other social networks. It can be CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Mille). However, using LinkedIn has greater benefits because ROI (Return of Investment) increases drastically. Therefore, using LinkedIn serves as a business best practice.

Business people on LinkedIn have to take advantage of white space. Put display images of your products, services and other best practices. Otherwise share videos or put blogs, articles and links to other affiliate websites.  You can also share your company web page or employees profile pages. Most business people have a “Like” tab to share LinkedIn pages on Facebook. This best practice helps people and the business at the same time. Customers get more information while you advertise (or get advertised) when customers share your page.

Exploit Advantages of Your Company’s Web Pages

When business owners share their company page on LinkedIn it serves as a window for outsiders. Customers can see inside your company and know about your products, services and best practices. If the company is hiring, LinkedIn has a ‘Career’ tab that allows member to know that there is vacancy. They can also find out what positions are available and apply. In addition to this best practice, LinkedIn also allows business people conduct regular analytic evaluation of success and failure rate. The ‘Service’ tab provides this option.

So far, it has been estimated that LinkedIn has as many as 150 million members. The social network keeps growing, and connects people looking for opportunity to make more money. Ensuring compliance with best practices however, cannot be compromised.

LinkedIn Mobile

Now there is a mobile version of LinkedIn available for business people who are constantly on the move. It was launched in 2008 February to give people access to LinkedIn on mobile devices. LinkedIn is accessible by business people from 200 countries. Therefore, the mobile application is available in six different languages to assist with best practices. These are English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and German.

In 2011, LinkedIn introduced the new application ‘CardMunch’ that allows business people to scan their business cards. The scanned card can be saved as a contact list for business best practices. Since then the use of LinkedIn via mobile devices has increased to 400%.

This has makes it the best business social network.

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