About Basel III Certification

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Basel III is the latest update to the world renowned Basel II framework. Financial institutions are quick to adopt this new framework because it tackles the weaknesses of Basel II and offers more advantages. However, as important as Basel III is for companies these days, companies think twice before hiring anyone who doesn’t have an accredited Basel III certificate.

The Basel III Compliance Professionals Association is a global community of Basel Compliance professionals which helps those interested to get their own Basel III certificates, and then informs them of the G20 efforts to regulate the global financial system, explore new careers and learn skills that will last them a lifetime.

Benefits of Basel III Certificates for Employees and Consultants

Basel II professionals applying for the Basel III certificate will be able to reap the following benefits:

  • Higher Salaries – According to salary surveys, certificates are well known keys for boosting income. Basel professionals are usually paid handsome sums, and the latest certificate can help them earn even more.
  • Better Job Opportunities – Basel III certified professionals will always be considered first for prominent positions in an institution. This is because their employers know that certification holders are well aware of the best practices of the industry and will steer the company away from failure and problems.
  • Better Credentials – For professionals aiming at growing their careers elsewhere, having the Basel III certification on their list of achievements is a surefire way of getting a job. This is because it demonstrates the professional’s ability and shows off his or her desire to remain up to date.

How to Earn the Basel III Certificate

For professionals who seek the Basel III Certification, the Basel II Accord certificate must be obtained first. IT auditors, chief risk and compliance officers, and IT, security and management consultants are recommended to train before applying for the certificate exam. Numerous institutions offer three-day training courses while others offer virtual-led and distance learning programs. Finding and enrolling in these is easy, but retaining the material necessary for the certification exam isn’t. Therefore, applicants should practice well before sitting for it.

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