Training and Development: Recommended Best Practices

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Here are some recommended best practices for standard business enterprises. However, not all of these best practices can be implemented in every organization. Therefore, managers and CEO’s must use this list only for reference. It is advisable to adopt ONLY those recommendations that apply to the setup of the enterprise.

Consultation and Research

  • Investigate and research why women in the organization are not moving into senior managerial positions. Investigate the barriers and implement compliance with the solution to the problem.
  • Conduct a survey regarding career aspirations and flexibility of work options. There should be a format for free comments and communication between employees at all levels.
  • Set targets to encourage the staff to improve representation at a higher level in the organization.

Develop Content Management

  • Identify the staff with potential and capacity for progress. Support them through compliance succession plans and training best practices.
  • Implement individual development plans for staff with high potential. They can have a six to eighteen year experience before they get to the next level in career development.
  • Develop women in specific areas where they are hardly seen performing.
  • Consider implementing residential programs to encourage women to explore their strengths and personal values. Assess how compliance with this best practice will impact the individual and the company in a positive way.
  • Prepare and arrange courses to train women for senior managerial positions. This should include best practices in behavior and business practices (interviews and meetings).
  • Organize seminars, presentations, workshops, coaching sessions and partnering activities involving senior mentors.
  • Implement a 3600 feedback system. This best practice will have a positive impact on confidence building, presentation, creative thinking and action learning capacity of individuals.
  • Host breakfast, lunch or dinner gatherings where senior executives and selected staff can discuss their experience. Such meetings should be confidential so that the staff can get inspiration from senior colleagues.
  • Promote transparency between male and female staff through insight lunches with senior leaders and stakeholders of the company.

Other Best Practices

  • Establish a system where employees can gain value through experience over a period of time. For example, after working for the organization for two years, employees must gain in-house and external experience.
  • Implement the best practice of apprenticeship for young employees. They can be trained by senior employees to improve their potential and value to the company.
  • Introduce skill and educational development programs for non-managerial employees.
  • Provide CD’s and DVD’s with training instructions or guides to help new employees adjust to the new environment. This will also best practice will help the company accommodate the staff within a short time.

These best practices are meant to help organizations improve the potentials of their employees at various levels. Compliance with these will help organizations develop highly productive employees. This will also improve their efficiency for the organization.

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