Types of Security Software and Their Main Uses

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There are several types of security software available in the market. They all do different jobs, yet serve the same purpose.

Explained below are some of the main types of security software with their uses.


Antivirus software is an application that guards computers against virus attacks. It is very common for computers to get infected as viruses are almost everywhere, in e-mails and often on websites as well. A computer may get infected just with a click on a phishing link if antivirus is not installed and activated.

Antivirus block such files from entering the computer by either removing the virus or blocking access to such files. For example, if a file you are trying to open has a virus the antivirus will scan it and warn you about the consequences or quarantine the file, if possible.

In order to get the best results, it is recommended that one uses a complete version of an antivirus and keeps it activated at all hours. Additionally, it is also important to have it updated so that it provides the best possible protection.


Many operating systems like Windows XP come with built-in firewalls that guard computers against unauthorized access. However, many experts are of the idea that these built-in firewalls do not provide foolproof security and it is better to use third party firewalls for better protection.

However, people often make the mistake of disabling firewalls as some find their habit of having to enable programs irritating. Nevertheless, they are a good tool but not very helpful in very complex scenarios.


Spyware is a virus that enters a PC and steals confidential information including passwords. It is a common practice for hackers to hack into computers by using spyware tools. The advantage that they have is that spywares are not guarded for by most anti viruses as they do not really attack but only steal information.

This is why it is important to have an antispyware program so that computers can be guarded against theft. Spywares can be of great damage if the information they leak reaches unsafe hands.


Antimalware are designed to guard computers against malware attacks that are done via Trojans. They give remote access to the hacker allowing the hacker to access a computer and cause damage. By using this tool, a hacker may be able to access the person’s webcam, download or upload files to or from the computer, get access to the user’s desktop and even crash the computer.

Due to these factors, malware are very dangerous and one should use antimalware to guard against them. Some common types of Trojan horses include ProRat, Zeus, Beast, Sub 7 and Flashback Trojan.

These are some of the most commonly used security systems that guard against all types of security threats. The best practice is to use reliable applications and be careful in using them. One should follow the guidelines given on the software, such as updating it on time and keeping it activated.

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