Best Practices in Accounting Software Implementation

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Implementing the Accounting software application after selection can be a tedious and demanding process. An important fact about accounting software applications is that they vary in format and practice but the process of implementation is more or less standard. Here are some best practices for managers to ensure swift accounting software implementation.

  • Project Management: It is important for managers to bear in mind that for best practice it is important to overrule the differentiating factor for success in software implementation. At the same time, as best practice managers have to maintain a smooth communication at every level during and after the process.
  • Categorize the Stakeholders: It is an important best practice to categorize the stake holders in the project. Some have more interests than others, and the process of software implementation will affect each category in a different way.
  • Clarify the objectives: Defining the objectives of the accounting software application as an important information system is an important best practice. This will ensure that the project gets delivered appropriately as the adjustment to software implementation process is a smooth transition.
  • Budget Management: For best practices in software implementation process managers have to evaluate costs involved in; hardware, infrastructure, the gain agreement, train the staff, customize the software and other processes. Often the budget for accounting software implementation is exceeded. Therefore managers ensuring best practice will be prepared for the extra costs of software implementation.
  • Plan Target Time: There is need to schedule the time period in which the changes and adaptations to software implementations must take place. As best practice the managers must ensure active input from all stakeholders. Take account of any off-days, public holidays and other vacations. Often the planed timing is exceeded so managers must keep in mind that objectives may get delayed and plan accordingly.
  • Make a Project team: Managers need to allocate key personnel who will ensure software implementation without affecting other activities. Personnel selected must have adequate know how about best practices and must be responsible.
  • Systematic Execution of the Plan: Accounting software implementation process will need to be planned to ensure other processes and protocols do not get affected. Regular status reporting, change of management protocols and communication standards cannot be compromised to ensure best practices.
  • Ensure Training of Staff: The staff using the accounting software must be trained to ensure best practices are not neglected. This will make adoption of changes because of software implementation smoother and minimizing destabilization of schedules and budget requirements.

It is very important for managers overseeing the process of accounting software implementation to be actively involved, persistent and in charge at all time.

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