Five Best Practices for Facebook Users

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Facebook, which is easily one of the most famous social networking sites (SNS) in the world, provides people a platform to share their stories, get to know each other, stay in touch with friends and kill time. However, over time the social media network has also caused quite a stir for some controversies.

Many people have often questioned its privacy policy and the dangers associated with using the network. To its credit, the social networking site has a set of rules and terms and conditions that a lot number of people pay no heed to.

Yet, there is need to have some best-practices in practice so that the negative effects of the SNS can be eliminated. Given below are some important tips that you can utilize.

Check All the Privacy Options

Many people think that the biggest problem with Facebook is the fact that it keeps on changing its privacy policy and other terms and conditions on a regular basis. On its part the SNS says that it takes such steps only to improve user experience. However, these changes often result in trouble for the users.

Hence, it is important for every user to keep a tab on all the privacy options. This can be done by accessing the privacy zone and taking a look at the settings. Make sure all your data and information is private with no chances of anyone intruding it.

Add People Carefully

Do not go on a barrage adding every Tom, Dick and Harry. Many people on Facebook enjoy having hundreds of friends. Socializing may be a good idea, but not until you know whom you are socializing with.

Refrain from sending friend requests to people you may not know. Additionally, do not accept every friend request you receive. In case you think you may know someone you can always send the person a Private Message (PM) to inquire about the same.

Be Careful About What You Are Sharing

It is alright to share videos, images and other such information on Facebook as long as you know who can access it. You should make sure you know who has access to the files you upload to stop strangers from accessing them.

Facebook gives privacy features where you can stop strangers and even people in your friend list from commenting on your files or even accessing them. Make sure you make good use of this important tool so that there is no risk of anyone causing any damage.

Don’t Click on Every Link

In recent times, one of the biggest problems that have been reported on Facebook is the availability of spam and links that contain viruses. Such links can infect your computer and cause serious damage to the data you have. To stay away from such trouble make sure you do not click on any link that looks suspicious to you. In case you come across any such links you can also report it to the Facebook management by using the Report button so that it can be taken care of.

These are some important tips that you should keep in mind. They will allow you to enjoy Facebook in the best way without worrying about anything.

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