Using Big Data To Create Great Customer Experience

The phenomenon known to us as ‘Big Data’ certainly comes with a lot of promise. And why wouldn’t it? After all, having terabytes of information and data based on customer behavior and history is surely better than extracting information from a few data points.

Of course, online marketers who understand the Big Data are obviously going to build better customer experiences based on evidence and hard data, rather than making guesswork and hunches. Instead of working with crude analytics or on intuition, you might consider using definitive data to design product pages to attract best and potential customers directly towards your shopping cart. Plus, you’d know exactly when to introduce your special offers and promotions and you would even know what promotion would work best according to your customers profile. In addition, you could even optimize your online interface, that way you can make sure that everything from registration to search to placing orders would be completely frictionless.

However, getting to that point does require you to first acquire the data. It’s not a small feat to gather huge amounts of data from various sources. It’s even trickier to understand and translate that information into fuller shopping carts and visits.

The good news is, there are tools and technologies that allow you to find that gold at the end of the customer data rainbow and will allow you to use it by refining your online marketing strategies with precision. However, there’s a way of thinking concerning the collected data that involves shifts in culture, according to where your company stands right now.

So, here are a few steps to help you tame your big data:

Don’t Think Instantaneous, Focus on Continuous Iteration and Evolution
Yes, Big Data has the ability to fundamentally cause a shift in the way you do business, but don’t change everything at once. It’s actually far more productive to adopt the “test and learn” approach rather than the “hit and run” philosophy. A dozen incremental changes in the sites personalization, design or word can get you further than simply trying to “innovate” all at once.

The most successful online marketers are continuously refining and optimizing. They steadily move forwards, by taking over a thousand baby steps, finding improvements along the way.

Incorporate Big Data Goals With Your Own Individual Goals
You need to set up separate projects and initiatives for your business goals like increasing lifetime customer value, improve customer loyalty, increasing conversion rates or acquiring new customers. This approach makes it easier to determine the kind of data you need to obtain, and how you need to use it. Remember to make your team focus on one project objective at a time.

Internally Sell the Concept
In some organizations, shifting towards a more evidence-based, data driven marketing might require some extra communication, especially if you want everyone on the same ‘page’.

  • Let everyone know what you know, encourage continual learning and knowledge sharing.
  • Simplify everything by using graphs and pictures.
  • Present the data and the outcomes in a way that’s easy to understand allowing managers to make more accurate decisions.
  • Don’t Hide the end results, make sure you communicate achievements and plans across the organization.

Form One Big Family
You need to include Web developers, analytical gurus and marketing strategists as well as the creatives, who might feel a bit threatened when working with hard evidence. Then integrate those responsible for site optimizations and e-commerce.

And finally, you need to dedicate, obsessed and committed executive who will drive and combine the process and will also act as the focal point for future customer experience innovation.

Once, you do all of this, you can know for sure that your customers will always be coming back to fill their shopping cart.

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