Secure Software Development: Some Rules to Follow

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Software development is a complex process that should be handled with care. There are certain rules that should be followed in order to have secure software. They include:

Know the Basic Rules of Software Security

There are some rules that those linked with software development should be aware of. The basic rules are: confidentiality, integrity, availability and authentication. The makers must make sure that they keep confidential all the information that can cause any damage to the software or the industry using it.

There should be protection against any kind of unauthorized alteration so that the software serves the purpose well. Availability talks about the software doing what it is supposed to do at all times and be protected against destruction leaving no loopholes. Lastly, authentication means that only those who have the right to do so make a request and perform software related tasks that they have the authority to perform.

Additionally, software should have the ability to audit and build reports that can be accessed in the future for reference. Lastly, the management and everyone else associated in the development of the software must be aware of these tenets and ensure that these are fully implemented.

Some tools that can help in implementing these rules include encryption, ciphertext and other such algorithms.

Ensure the Protection of Sensitive Information

Software are of various types, yet the common thing is that they all deal with information, which often is confidential. Confidential information is any information that is of much value to a company and which if reaches unsafe hands may cause damage to the company. The damage may be financial or of other kind such as a loss of image. In simple words information that cannot be made public is confidential information.

While identifying confidential or sensitive information is easy, the main task is to make sure that such information not be compromised in any way. Software that work on such information (transporting, updating, storing, processing) should be protected so that the information not be compromised. Data should be properly classified using a workable protection mechanism.

Design and Develop Software with Secure Features

Security software is not the only kind of software that is supposed to be ‘secure’. Every software must be designed in a way that it defends itself against threats. Quite often, designing has more to do with security related problems than coding. One should take care of these points at the initial stage so that there is no trouble in the end.

Software must be logically considered leaving no security related loopholes. Additionally, they should be tested so that they can be certified to be secure. Many software such as most MS Office applications have their own security features, such as ‘password protection’ where the data can be protected through passwords, disabling unauthorized access.

Such features should be added at the development stage to provide security to the users. Additionally, it is also beneficial for the company developing the software as secure software sells better and has a longer life.

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