How to Gauge Your Social Marketing Strategy

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Social marketing depends on much traffic you are attracting. The larger the traffic you attract, the greater the success. That means you have to check how well your relations with people are on a regular basis to monitor best practices. However, it’s not always about the traffic. There are other aspects of social media that play an important role in marketing. Most business people do not know how they can gauge the influence of social media on their business. There are some simple best practices that can help gauge effectiveness of social marketing strategies.

Input Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric scale that was established by Fred Reicheld in 2003.  It represents customer loyalty and must increase. An increase means that you are building good social relations and winning the trust of the customer.

The best way to evaluate this figure is by using applications designed with best practices to detect customer loyalty.

How to Calculate NPS

Before one can calculate the NPS, customers have to be classified into three categories. These are:

  • Promoter Customers: These are those customers who share your information on social media. By hitting the ‘Like’ button on Facebook or ‘Follow’ button on Twitter they are promoting your business.
  • Passive Customers: These are customers who visit your website, but don’t do much. They read, buy and move on.
  • Detractor Customers: These customers are dissatisfied and don’t like the best practices offered. They criticize the products and services if they are disgruntled.

An effective way of using social media to find out more about what people think about your brand is to ask them. You can do this by posting a poll question on Facebook, “Do you like the brand? Rate it for us to let us know”. Use applications to get ratings to your questions. It works like a voting system and provides a measure of the company’s performance. Customers respond by entering a response on the scale of 0 to 10.

Promoters Customers: These people rate the business between 9 and 10. By referring your company to others they add to the growth of the business.

Passive Customers: They rate the brand between 7 and 8. These are people who are happy with the brand but are not enthusiastic enough to recommend to others.

Detractor Customers: These customers rate the brand between 0 and 6. They are unhappy with what they got, and can harm your reputation. They can impede growth of the business through negative word-of-mouth.

The Net Promoters Score is calculated using the total percentage of promoters and percentage of detractors.

NPS        =             Promoters % – Detractors %

Consider the picture below showing a question and the polls received.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) in this case will be: 21.4% – 75.2% = – 53.8%. This means the brand is not doing well with regards to best practices in social marketing.

Therefore, there will be need to improve the products and services to get a positive NPS.

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