Health and Safety Responsibilities of Employers

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Employers are responsible for maintaining or complying with the health and safety regulations. These regulations, in other words, make the employers responsible of taking care of their employees’ health and safety. Not only this, the employer is also responsible for any intruder who enters the work premises and poses a threat to the employees.

Here is a brief overview of what employers should know about the health and safety responsibilities they have towards their employees:

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974:

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the primary legislation which levies numerous responsibilities on the employers regarding their employees. This legislation covers workplace related health and safety instructions in the United Kingdom. Other established countries have similar legislations to enforce health and safety laws on employers. The Health and Safety monitoring agencies keep a check on organizations to see if they are complying with the policies or not. In case they are not, the agencies are authorized to penalize them.

Assessments of Risk related to Health and Safety:

When you are at work, the employer is responsible for employees’ health, safety and welfare. Therefore, the employers are required to assess the risks while hiring a new employee or while setting up the premises. For this, the employer needs to hire a professional to assess the risks involved. The risk assessment document is created and added into the company’s policy. This health and safety policy should include the necessary measures a company is willing to provide in case of any mishaps with the employees while at work.

All of these responsibilities are not optional but they are mandatory for every employer to follow. They do vary depending on the country and its laws regarding health and safety of employees, but the compliance factor remains the same. This means that every employer must adhere to these policies or else he or she can be penalized.

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