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The Health Care Compliance Association in the USA is a nonprofit association. It is an individual membership-only association which is responsible for setting up guidelines and providing resources to ethics and compliance professionals in the USA. Currently, The Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) is serving more than 6,000 members by offering certifications, professional networking, publications and conferences. HCCA recently introduced its social networking website as well tp help professionals in becoming certified in the health care compliance field.

Background of The Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA):

The cornerstone of HCCA was set back in 1996 as a meeting at the annual Medical Group Management Association. The main members of this meeting included Roy Snell (the compliance officer of the University of Wisconsin), Brent Saunders from Thomas Jefferson University and Ed Longozel from the University of Pennsylvania. Later on, in 1997, the first ever annual meeting of HCCA was held in Los Angeles. In this meeting, the directors decided that more and more local networking opportunities are required in order to spread the word; therefore it was decided to establish ten HCCA Regions.

Certifications Provided by HCCA:

It was in 1998 that the HCCA decided to set up a certification program for healthcare compliance professionals. The Compliance Certification Board of the HCCA was therefore inaugurated in 1999 to offer certificates to professionals.

Today, CCB is governed by a Board of Directors which is appointed by the board of HCCA. The main mission of CCB is to develop proper criteria in order to make sure that the healthcare compliance professionals are well versed, competent and can take care of their responsibilities well.

To make this process more effective, CCB uses four types of committees:

-          Exam Development

-          Continuing Education

-          Ethics

-          Admissions

All these committees play a vital role in determining the type of professionals being enrolled for the certification and the type of training they are being offered.

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