The Healthcare Laws Coming Up Soon

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Healthcare laws have always been implemented and compliance with regulations was always a recommended best practice. Recently there have been reviews and there are new healthcare laws coming up soon.

No More Denials or Expensive Premiums

Starting from 1st January 2014, adults will not be denied health coverage due to preceding conditions. This best practice in healthcare will not discriminate patients based on gender or gender specific treatments. This includes preceding conditions such as childbearing in women.

More Healthcare Insurance Providers

By 2014, families and individuals will have to acquire a minimum healthcare insurance level as a recommended best practice. To ensure compliance with this best practice, employers and other providers or contractors will be able to offer insurance at affordable rates. This will be possible through localized healthcare providers or contractors in every state. As a crucial best practice, there will be subsidies available for those who have limited incomes. Additionally, those people who do not opt for healthcare insurance will be fined for failure of compliance with an essential best practice.

More Coverage on Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Most health insurance organizations already include coverage for mental health and substance abuse. However, as a best practice, by 2014 compliance from individuals and small insurance organizations will also be required. This best practice will ensure extended insurance for people.

No More Annual Limits on Health Care Insurance

By 2012 as a best practice, insurers shall be expected to cover as much as $1.2 million worth of medical expenses. Following this best practice, in 2013 the amount will rise to $2 million. After this, in 2014 the expenses will be eliminated completely.

Coverage Extends To Low Income People

In 2014, there are best practices plans for individuals who earn less than $15,000 per annum and families depending on $29,000 per annum. Such people will be able to enroll with Medicaid, which is a federal public health insurance provider.

“Doughnut Hole” Ends

The Medicare Part D coverage gap is also known as the “Doughnut Hole”. This will come to an end in 2020.

These new best practices planned for the future are meant to improve access to healthcare insurance by almost everyone living in the United States. Compliance with these new regulations will only make healthcare status better than it has already been.

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