Business with Networks: Recommended Best Practices

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Today, cloud computing and social networking has become a necessity. Here are some recommended best practices for companies with networking.

  • If the organization has had an established network for many years, assessing whether it still meets with the expectations is an essential best practice. This is because the organization must have undergone significant changes. A thorough research, time-to-time, will be very beneficial.
  • An annual network conference will help key personnel involved to discuss and debate major issues with the networking. This will also help make necessary changes in policies and establish new ones to ensure compliance with best practices.
  • Networks used by senior staffs should support local management activities. This best practice will enable mobility, cross communication and learning from one another.
  • Senior managers must engage with the network at various levels to get enlightened about concerns and ideas. This will help with improvements within the organization through effective risk management and decision making.
  • Host workshops and presentations about networking skills, mentoring, presentation skills, negotiating skills, mind mapping and career.
  • Educate staff about maintaining a balance between work and the personal life.
  • Encourage managers to come together through the network to build local networks and liaise with other workers with the same the organization, or different organizations.
  • Use best practices like networking skills and strategies to connect with international or multinational organizations.
  • Encourage managers and key personnel to represent the networks to broaden the scope and profile of the enterprise.
  • Organize management training for line managers handling networking in the organization. This can also be cross-organizational training sessions.
  • Introduce mentoring and training sessions to educate the staff about networking.
  • Organize mentoring sessions to facilitate career development in employees.
  • Implement compliance the use of CD’s and DVD’s to train employees.

Other Best Practices

  • Evaluate and establish a list of issues to be handled within the organization’s network.
  • Establish a transparent network system allowing stakeholders track and develop plans for the organization.
  • Use best practices for internal communication channels to facilitate accessibility to existing programs.
  • Encourage the IT department to develop new programs to improve the system. This will also help tackle problems and issues encountered in the network.
  • Extend training to recruit people with skills. This best practice is rarely used, but can prove effective in the hunt for people with potential.
  • Provide the staff with flexible working hours. This is a best practice that encourages people to work at odd hours as well. People studying while working can also be employed through compliance with this recommended best practice.

Business using cloud computing and social networking should ensure compliance with these best practices. These practices are the key to business continuity.

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