Medical Pedigree Software to Solve the Problem of Counterfeit Medicines

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Counterfeit medicines have become a major problem around the world. Approximately 10% of the pharma products are recalled every year because they are fake, therefore costing companies which produce them and those which ship them millions of dollars. As a result, regulators have taken a positive step and enforced labeling regulations. To ensure that these regulations are followed, medical pedigree software is provided to companies in the drug shipping field as well as pharmacies.

For Drug Shippers

Companies in charge of shipping drugs are complied to have software which allows them to access a database that contains the labeling and packaging information of each batch and each drug they ship. Through this software, companies can check whether the batch or bottle they have is authentic. Therefore, the integrity of the supply chain will be intact and chances of theft and exchanges will be reduced.

For Pharmacists

Pharmacists will be able to reap more than one advantage from this regulatory software. For starters, pharmacies will have the chance to check the authenticity of the medicines they sell; therefore, they will be able to protect their reputation and ensure their customers’ health.

The other benefit which this regulatory software has to offer is the ability to track down patients’ drug consumption. One of the problems hassling doctors and pharmacists is patients’ incompliance with their dosages. Some patients may take too much whereas others will not take their medicines at all. As a result, they will put their lives in danger. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people pass away from trivial ailments because they neglect following their prescriptions. With the help of the software, the information of the bottle will be entered in the patient’s account and the pharmacist will be alerted of the refill date.

The U.S. and the EU are actively taking a stand to ensure that all drug manufacturers, shippers and pharmacies have this regulatory software. Aside from being a best practice, this is definitely one of the best ways of ensuring people’s health and their safety from disease.

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