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The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) was previously known as the Software Publishers Association (SPA). It had recommended McAfee Technology for the SPAudit 6.0.1 application in 1996. That application was designed to ensure best practices for network managers to assist them in saving time and expenses. Tracking assets is very tedious and time consuming; and therefore requires decisive best practices. Additionally, the SPAudit 6.0.1 was aimed at ensuring compliance with SIIA recommendations.

Some of those recommendations made included, centralized audits for the whole organization, improvement in recognition of other software applications and improvement in reporting system. The SPAudit 6.0.1 also assisted network managers in regaining control over their software assets. At the same time it eliminated chances of piracy.

Recently, SIIA has introduced usage of software metering for monitoring use and execution of other applications in the background. InvGate is an innovative software application, which ensures best practices in other applications. This software ensures two important best practices. These are;

  • Increased efficiency through compliance, and
  • Mitigation of risk through risk management.

The IT management tool in this new SIIA approved software facilitates tracking usage of important applications. For example the usage of databases, spreadsheets and other applications can be monitored. This ensures compliance with regulations surrounding software license agreements. For example; it ensures compliance with the concept of concurrency in users for best practices.

The IT management tools in InvGate are aimed at eliminating piracy of corporate software applications. Protection against piracy is an expensive best practice which costs business owners billions every year. At the same time, most organizations face problems upon failure to ensure compliance with license agreements. This has led to imprisonment of individuals for violating best practices for compliance with license agreements.  Therefore the SIIA has now made it possible to eliminate the risk of getting implicated because of license abuse.

Software metering being a centralized monitoring system cuts cost as a best practice. It helps organizations monitor the activities of all their employees from a single point. This makes it cost effective and at the same time ensures risk management and compliance. This has proved very effective for most IT organizations.

Therefore, using the SIIA approved software application is an important best practice.

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