War Crimes

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War is among the most devastating things on the planet. They are despised by almost everyone; however, at times people and nations have no solution but to go at war. Yet, the fact that they do damage to almost everyone involved cannot be denied.

Nonetheless, there lie some best practices that need to be kept in mind during this time period as well. One of the rules is to know the limitations and not break boundaries. There are some international war rules and regulations that need to be followed. The failure to do so can result in major punishment for those involved.

People realized the need to have war crime rules due to the deaths and horrible incidents that resulted mainly from the two World Wars. Many countries have their own war crime rules that are prepared keeping their sentiments and culture in mind.

The law says that people bearing a flag of truce should not be killed or attacked. Using the same flag as a ruse of war is also prohibited. If any soldier kills any person in such a situation then the solider will be brought in the court of law.

Additionally, law also stops nations from mistreating prisoners. This problem was brought to notice several decades ago, mainly during World War II when countries used to brutally torture war prisoners by using horrendous techniques. Soldiers were kept hungry and often thirsty to an extent that many died out of hunger and thirst.

These problems made people realize the need to have laws about mistreatment of war prisoners. Under this law war prisoners would be treated properly keeping human rights in mind. Their property (other than guns, etc.) remains their property and they are considered prisoners of the state.

America recently received a lot of flak for its treatment of prisoners in Afghanistan and Guantanamo. This backlash forced former American President, Bush, to rescind the Geneva Convention requirements and announce new procedures regarding the treatment of war prisoners. Many organizations are still working hard towards improving the conditions that war prisoners live in.

In addition to these, the law also prohibits massacres, genocides and the killing of the innocent.  The law requires soldiers to look after the wounded and take care of them. Additionally, dead should be honorably interred according to the religion they belong to. The law also requires dead bodies to be returned to the other nation so that the last rituals may be performed.

In addition to these, several other acts are also considered war crimes such as pillage. Plus, soldiers and commanders are also required to follow the orders of their seniors, the failure of doing which may put them into trouble. Naval bombardments without warning, using heavy weapons that are not allowed and the failure to inform the right parties are also included.

It is important that everyone involved in a war obey all these rules and make sure that no one is being robbed of their due share unnecessarily.  War is not good, yet, by breaking laws we make it even worse.

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