2011 Best State Budgets

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The business world is a challenging arena where winners achieve great heights through hectic battles. There are tough decisions and sacrifices to be made to achieve state budgets through best practices. Last year had a list of winners in the race. Here are six winners for the 2011 state budget battle:

1. Governor Scott Walker (Wisconsin): He conquered challenges like protests, nine campaigns to recall the state senator, a Supreme Court election recount, and bitter legal confrontations. This is what it took him before he could sign the spending bill close to the state budget he had proposed. In his first term as a republican, Scott Walker got the $66 billion budget, and did not increase taxes for best practices. He managed to balance the budget by cutting a number of activities. He reduced the K-12 education by $800 million, cut down on university spending by $250 million, and minimized state spending on Medicaid by $500 million.

2. Governor Andrew Cuomo (New York): He closed a budget deficit of $10 billion without implementing new taxes for best practices. Gov. Andrew Cuomo achieved this through state legislature support. He cut back on budgets assigned to hospitals and schools in New York. He succeeded in closing the budget gap, and his popularity rose to 73%.

3. Governor Jerry Brown (California): California’s spending plan worth $85.9 billion relied on economic improvement. There was need for major cutbacks before Governor Jerry Brown achieved a second on-time balanced budget in 10 years. His plan included best practices like reducing school expenditure by $3 billion, University quota by $1.3 billion, and state park closure in 70 states. All this helped in achieving success with closing the state budget to $25 billion.

4. Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey): Governor Christie vetoed $1.3 billion or more in order to achieve a state budget of $29.7 billion. He slashed spending largely on school aid and state municipal facilities for best practices. With this he made a major triumph and reduced government spending, thereby improving the conditions of New Jersey. The government increased employee pension and limited bargaining rights for the public sector unions in New Jersey.

5. Governor John Kasich (Ohio): Governor Kasich succeeded in achieving his legislative agenda. He accomplished a lot with his two year spending bill, amounting to $55.8 billion. It included privatization of numerous state prisons, revamping Medicaid, banned abortions in hospitals, and tied teacher salaries to the achievements of students. This eliminates estate taxes and cut down entitlements of local governments to state aid as part of essential best practices.

6. Governor and Lawmaker Tom Corbett (Pennsylvania): He finalized and signed the state spending budget for Pennsylvania. This happened for the first time in a decade. The plan for $27.15 billion came as a victory for Pennsylvania. After an almost impossible battle with best practices, republicans succeeded and got a bill that cut spending by $1 billion. It was a major achievement because it came without increasing taxes.

Winning the best state budget was not easy, and this is why only few people succeeded.

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