Best Practices in CRM via Social Networks

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Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has become the most spoken about internet best practice for business organizations. We all know that social networking has been the most important business strategy in recent years. Through social networking you can attract as many customers as possible. The larger the traffic or followers you attract, the more financial success.

The main trick here is to be able to ensure compliance with best practices involved in CRM. Therefore, implementing the following best practices in social CRM via social media is mandatory.

Twitter Social CRM

Twitter is the fastest growing social media network. It is the most recommended place where millions of people connect, share opinions, seek help and pose questions. Getting masses of followers on twitter is quite easy and exciting. With a single statement, thousands of people can be informed about business updates within minutes. Twitter CRM is an opportunity to use effective communication tools and strategies. Hence marketing using twitter is very effective through sharing of advertisements and business updates. It is important to emphasize that the choice of words must be polite.

Direct communication is very important to succeed in making sales through social media. This best practice allows business representatives to promote products through real-time interaction with customers. Twitter has become popular as the ideal Social CRM platform. It also offers an opportunity for branding your products and services with people who were otherwise out of reach.

Facebook Social CRM

Facebook is the second largest social media network and keeps growing at exponential rate. It works almost like twitter but is not as famous with business people. Creating pages on Facebook is one of the many ways of ensuring social CRM best practices. This allows marketers to increase customer awareness with a more personal and friendly approach.

Facebook also offers a platform where program develops integrate applications and other websites. This allows access to Facebook through various devices, e.g. notebooks and smartphones. For example; the combination of with Facebook created new opportunities for socially driven businesses. Hence, business people can keep in touch with customers wherever they are by commenting on feedbacks.

Adapt to Changing Customer Dynamics

With the coming of social media, there has been a shift in power. New rules for marketing strategies have come into play due to social media. So also, new trends for advertisement have developed. In order to cope with these changes on social media, businesses have to adapt to customers’ demand through compliance.

Other than B2C (Business-to-Customer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) interaction, now there is excessive and unlimited C2C (Customer-to-Customer) interaction. Businesses have little choice now. Either they succumb to customer demand, and gain good reputation in masses of potential customers on social media, or lose customer patronage. Those businesses that resist adapting to changes lack best practices. The consequence of failed compliance with this is financial loss and even shutdown of the business.

These best practices in CRM via social media are inevitable. Resisting compliance with these recommendations can slowdown or even put an end to chances of financial success.

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