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If you compare Google search engine from what it used to be a decade ago, there have been lots of advancements. Today you can see local maps, videos, images and social media cues in the search results. There is much more going on behind the screen than what is visible on the screen. With so many advancements made, sticking with the following best practices or tips is important to succeed in using SEO.

Local SEO Empowerment

Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP) presents a list of Google Places when one enters keywords. The results on the screen also show places that Google users use frequently. This has become possible after SEOmoz did some research to make Google better and logical. Therefore, if your business setup depends on local listings, you must increase your ranking at Google Places. This can be achieved through the following best practices:

  • Citation: Make sure that your business gets listed in as many sources on the internet. Remember that consistency is the key to SEO. They keyword you use on Google Places must be the same one used on other listings. This will make sure your page is among the top ten search results using your keyword.
  • Google Places Optimization: Ensure that your page is optimized using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. This includes making sure that the categories match, and direct the user to city-specific landing page.
  • Reviews: Reviews from Google about your business will be the only ones displayed on Google. Therefore, using other services like Superpages, Yelp and others is helpful. It will increase the ranking of your business drastically.

Social Networks

Without social media, there is no SEO. It is the latest trend nowadays. Using Twitter, Facebook and others influences SEO ranking. The recommended approach for this is to include social cues into your web page. This increases information sharing which improves SEO. Google and other search engines will pick up your keywords much quicker.

People Also Use Keywords

There are robots that use keywords, but it is a recommended to focus on the fact that humans also use keywords. You must anticipate questions people ask and use your keywords accordingly. This ensures that search engines show your page, when questions related to your business are asked.

Content Works Magic

It is important that you should focus on the content rather than spam links. These best practices have a long-term effect on SEO. Make sure the writing is good enough to be spread across the internet. Write target blogs to match your area of expertise.


It is recommended to use a simple and precise backend that matches your niche. The backend can tell search engines what your website is about. This increases its ranking when the matching words are typed by search engine users.

Use KPIs

Making sure the data comprises of keywords is an important practice. However, using Key Performance Indicators is also important for improving SEO ranking. KPI tells the number of landing pages, bounce rate and number of keywords driving the traffic to specific landing pages. Use this data to improve your ranking.

These are the most recommended SEO best practices for every business enterprise.

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