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Facebook, one of the most famous social networking sites on the block, has been under fire several times for many reasons. One thing that always welcomes the wrath of its visitor’s is the website’s notorious habit of changing its layout and security settings that affect every individual in one way or another.

The last change, introduction of timeline with new security features, has yet to be fully implemented; however, regular visitors are already busy discussing the negative impacts that the new system has.

Some have already called it a bad move, and predict a morbid future for the social networking site. The internet is abuzz with people looking for best practices so that they can stop intruders from landing on their personal Facebook accounts.

The introduction of Timeline and Open Graph hasn’t gone too well with the advocates of privacy. Some best practices to overcome these issues on the social networking sites are:

-   Do not upload private photos as the cover picture, because the cover photos are visible to all the users, who may even download it in high quality.

-   Do no put private images as the display picture, as they are visible to everyone.

-   Do not tag your friends in pictures or videos that are visible to others. Also, request your friends not to tag you in private pictures/albums or videos, as they may be visible to everyone.

-  Using the latest privacy option, disable all past posts so that those who are not in your friend list can not see them.

-  Do not share any private information on the wall (your or your friends), until you have chosen the option to disable the post from strangers.

-  Share personal images or videos by uploading them in a proper album and using privacy to hide them from others (including some of your friends, if you want to).

-  If you want to share anything personal, use Facebook private message option. However, remember that the messages once sent cannot be deleted.

-  Hide your timeline from strangers by using the Facebook privacy settings. By using the same settings, you may disable strangers from sending you ‘add requests’ or ‘personal messages.

-  From the ‘Edit Profile’ menu, disable who can see your friend list and other information, such as your birthday and hometown.

-  Disable applications from sending your private information to anyone from the privacy settings.

- Choose your friends carefully. Do not add or accept random people. This is what Facebook also considers a ‘best practice’.

Many people following these simple practices fully enjoy the excellent services that Facebook offers. Make sure you tighten security from your side, until Facebook comes with another foolproof plan. Nevertheless, most practices mentioned above are applicable in all the scenarios where you wish to keep your information confidential.

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