Reporting: Employee Performance Management

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Employee performance management is a key aspect of every business that has one or several employees under its belt. The term, performance management, was coined by Dr. Aubrey Daniels in the late 1970s to describe employees’ two most important features (behavior and results) that are an integral part of their performance.

Performance management is applicable in every place where people interact with each other, such as schools or offices. It is basically an approach to improve people’s input so that the company can get more out of them. The main aim is to utilize every worker in the best possible way.

It is mainly done by motivating workers and reconciling organizational goals with their personal goals. Motivation is considered to be the best element in this regard.

In most offices, the Human Resource (HR) department looks after employees’ performance, which is monitored and reported to the higher authorities. A lot depends on an employees performance as decisions regarding appraisals, firing and promotion are mainly based on it. It is the company’s duty to keep an eye on every employee and plan correctly for them.

The best practice in measuring employee performance is a comparison between expected results and desired results. It is a complete cycle that starts from planning goals and objectives for an employee. It is important for a business to keep an employee in a position where he or she can perform at the best possible level. This is called ‘job matching process’, which is mainly based on an employee’s skills, education and interest.

The second step of the cycle is where a manager has to look after the performance and intervene to give output. This process mainly depends on the first one, as if there is no right reporting, the manager will not be able to give the right position.

For this process to be fruitful, the manager must have a strong understanding of the business and the employee’s capabilities. The manager must look at the situation from every angle and then make a judgment. It is important for managers to give feedback to the employee so that the employee knows what exactly the company expects from him or her.

This is when communication comes into play. If information is not communicated to the employee, then it is not his or her mistake. Every company should have a strong communication system so that information can run smoothly from one corner to another.

Lastly, it is time for “performance appraisal” which is the process of properly documenting an employee’s performance and feedback. At this stage, the manager must decide the worth of the employee. This depends on what and how much he or she is giving to the business. An appraisal is based on several things, including the company’s growth and individual’s growth.

Appraisals act as a motivating force as employees work hard to get them. An appraisal can be in any form. Normally, businesses choose to give an increment in salary. However, now new and better appraisal techniques are also utilized by businesses.

It is very important for every business to monitor its employees’ performance and take corrective measures if things are not working the way they should.

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