The Best Practice Network – definition of a best practice

Best Practice … What is a best practice ?

There is no universal definition of a best practice, but there are common characteristics which make a practice the best.

Best practices are often exemplary behaviors modeled into processes. Conceptually, best practices are ethical, legal, fair, replicable, and applicable to anyone within an organization; therefore, they are “Good Practices“.

However, they are not only “Good Practices”. They are “Best Practices” because their implementation aims at improving an organization’s performance through additional accountability, compliance, transparency and risk control.

When defined, a best practice is known as a technique, method, process, activity or incentive which has proven to be most effective in providing a certain outcome.

In order to survive the volatile market conditions and the tough competition dominating it, organizations from all industries have started adopting the best practices of their respective fields.

Basically, any best practice is implemented in order to improve the quality of the services an organization offers. A best practice can focus on different aspects of the production or the development process. Once implemented, it will improve organizations’ customer satisfaction rates, therefore adding to companies’ popularity and public appeal.

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