Safety Compliance

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Safety Compliance

Safety compliance requires the business community to conform to the laws, best practices and standards that guarantee that proper safety regulations are being met. Businesses and organizations who ignore their safety compliance obligations are at risking for being held liable for injuries or damages to people or property and can also face stiff penalties and fines from safety compliance regulators.

Compliance with Federal Safety Regulations

In the United States, federal safety regulations are enforced by the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration, or OSHA. OSHA is entrusted with ensuring that the safety and health legislation enacted by congress is being followed by private and public industries. OSHA completes periodic inspections and safety audits of businesses and organizations, and the consequences of noncompliance with federal safety regulations can be quite serious.

Consequences of Failing to Comply with Safety Regulations

Safety compliance is essential to ensuring that a business or organization will not face financial penalties or civil lawsuits for failing to comply with safety regulations. In the event that a person is severely injured or loses their life due to an organization’s failure to comply with safety regulations, the financial damages awarded through a successful civil lawsuit can be catastrophic. In addition to the financial and legal risks of ignoring safety regulations, the business community has a moral and social obligation to meet all safety compliance requirements and not pose an unnecessary safety risk to its workers, customers or the general public.

Safety Compliance Management

The best way to ensure safety compliance in your business or organization is to institute a formal set of procedures that guarantee that you are in compliance with all applicable safety regulations and best practices. Known as safety compliance management, there are a variety of resources available to busy professionals to assist them in getting up to speed on safety compliance. With these compliance programs in place, you can rest assured that you do not have any unnecessary liabilities existing in your place of business due to an inattention to safety regulations.

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