The Importance of Compliance with CAPA system

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Corrective actions are meant for determination of the causes of inconsistencies in the organization’s setup. Preventive actions are the steps meant to be taken in order to control and stop the detected inconsistencies from occurring again. Hence, Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) is a process which is central to all controls in any organization. This makes it an essential best practice.

Having an established CAPA system is a very important best practice because it increases the level of accuracy and flexibility. In industries where there is need for accountability, compliance and traceability, a good makes all this possible with minimized risks. Additionally, a strong CAPA system ensures that there is compliance with requirements and policies to maintain quality control.

Corrective actions are changes in the system, which are made upon receiving information of weakness in the system of the organization. For example, when a customer complains about a product or a service there is confirmation of weakness in the system. To ensure that the complaint is attended to, some action is taken. Reviewing the past records is an important best practice. Corrective actions are planned measures an organization has as a standby based on past events. Therefore, any action taken to solve a problem is an important best practice.

Preventive actions are actions which are planned as a process to reduce the need for corrective actions. They can be preventive maintenance best practices, such as entering sensitive data manually. When there is risk of loss of information or errors there are preventive actions which need to be taken.

Purchasing the “Preventive Maintenance software” to manage processes and to ensure compliance is an important best practice. Preventive actions are not based only on past history, they are also meant for the future as well. Therefore, they focus on process control and quality management systems to ensure compliance and best performance.

An organization must keep an annual log of corrective and preventive actions taken as a best practice. The ratio of corrective actions to preventive actions is mostly higher than that of preventive actions recorded. As the quality management system becomes better and stronger with compliance, the preventive actions will be more than corrective actions.

When it comes to best practice of auditing in any organization preventive actions logs are very important. They are used to express the functionality of quality management systems. Among the primary sources of preventive actions us the management review process. This is where there is discussion about quality strategy, quality budget and quality. Additionally, managers and representatives who are responsible for the CAPA in the organization can also record the preventive actions.

An established CAPA system improves the entire business system by ensuring compliance at every level. Therefore, it has become an essential best practice for success with companies and businesses to implement an effective CAPA system.

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