IT Data Security: ISO 17799

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Data security requires specific guidelines to ensure that large business enterprises can protect sensitive information. Sensitive data usually refers to credit card details and passwords used over the network. Breach of security can lead to legal action by angry customers for violating their privacy. Therefore, there are many best practices that have been introduced into organizations to ensure optimal data security. However, very few have succeeded.

The main problem that leads to breach of data security is lack of compliance with specific guidelines. This is why the ISO 17799 was established. It was later renamed to ISO 27002 when new updates were included into the guidelines.

ISO 17799/27002

This is a comprehensive and in depth guide on data security. It provides specific guidelines for managers and Information Officers to be able to implement Compliance. The approach is supposed to be methodical and calculated. Additionally, employees must be committed to making sure that data security is not breached in any case. They will have to learn to make use of appropriate tools and software applications. Employees must be aware that there will consequences for failure. This is the only way to make sure best practices are adopted effectively.

ISO 17799 is a set of instructions or guidelines that were established by the International Organization for Standardization. They are meant to ensure that sensitive data about customers and clients are secure. These guidelines ensure compliance with the following security management controls and objectives:

Credit Card Standard with ISO 17799/27002

In compliance with the guidelines governing data security, there are standards that must be followed by companies dealing with PCI credit cards. The current set of ISO 27002 guidelines comprises of a six step approach to best practices:

Companies that have so far succeeded with implementation of compliance are those that followed these standards. Having best practices for data security is very important. Especially for those businesses that deal with private and sensitive customer data. Therefore, it is mandatory that managers and Information Officers acquaint themselves with current ISO 17799 or 27002 guidelines.

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