War Regulations: How Things Should Be

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There is a war code of conduct in place, but unfortunately it is hardly obeyed when forces set foot to win. In most cases all that matters to them is victory.

Wars have been happening for years for one reason or another. Yet, the brutality has only increased with powerful countries using all their might to destroy their counterparts.

Peace activists have been trying for years to stop wars in countries like Philistine, Kashmir, Iraq and other war hit regions. Many have given best practices that should be followed. Some of the best ideas are summarized below in five headings.

Peace Offers

History teaches us that war is hardly the solution. The US attacked Iraq and Afghanistan which led to a decade of brutal casualties. The best practice is to avoid wars, if possible, and find a concrete solution. Arbitration and reaching a mutual resolution is the best option.

India and Pakistan can be taken as a good example. The neighboring countries have had a few wars, but ultimately they resorted to peace talks and the situation is slowly improving. Other nations like Israel and America should also encourage such discussions so that international peace can be maintained.

No Innocent Killing

One of the biggest disadvantages of wars is that it ends up killing a lot of innocent people. As per a report released by the UN, military conflicts kill more than 1000 people every year including civilians.

Missiles, guns and rockets do not see whom they are hitting. Quite often than not innocent children and women also become victim to these attacks without any fault of their own. Countries should make sure they stay away from such homicide and fight with prestige keeping human rights in mind.

Safe Passage

This practice should be applied wherever possible. Giving a safe passage to innocent people is beneficial for everyone involved in a war. Those that are not related to the war in any way should be allowed to get refuge elsewhere so that they do not get killed.

No Stringent Policies

They say “all is fair in war”. Nonetheless, most people do not agree with this statement because they emphasize on following human right issues even when a war is going on. Organizations like the UN speak highly against countries that do not let its activists provide food, healthcare and other needed things to war victims.

The aim of a war should not be to wipe out everyone, but instead just wrongdoers. People on both sides should respect this fact.

End It

As mentioned above, wars are devastating for everyone. History suggests that they haven’t brought good to any party for a long period. They often get extended for a long time. The India-Kashmir conflict, Israel-Palestine and America-Vietnam conflict are some of the examples of extended wars. They only result in more killings and wastage of resources.

Wars should be fought with an aim to end them. The solution is to have a table talk so that a mutual solution can be reached. Massacres or use of heavy weapons to put an end to it for good should strictly be prohibited.

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