Regulations Update for Best Practices in 2012

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Abiding by regulations is one of the many essential and crucial best practices that cannot be taken lightly. One particular regulation that needs a closer look at is that surrounding employment of immigrants and non-citizens.

The Minister of Immigration and Citizenship (Australia) announced on 12 December 2011, that some reforms had been made to ensure best practices in business institutions. These reforms sanction employment of non-citizens, who have no work permit in countries like Australia. At the same time, this applies to those who have breached the conditions of the visa granted to them. There is a possibility that these reforms may be applicable to other countries in the United States.

According to the new regulation, the existing penalty for criminal and law offenders will be also improved. There will be more regulations about requirements, and more violation notices in the near future. Employers will be sanctioned with a framework that will be designed to improve compliance with the new reforms. Therefore, hiring people without proper documentation and legal documents to prove their immigration will attract serious penalties.

There is some good news for business enterprises hiring foreign workers. Those who ensure compliance with regulations surrounding employment of immigrant will be protected against legal action. The main requirement is that reasonable steps must have been taken to verify the entitlements of the employees before hiring them. To ensure that best practices are followed, representatives of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship will be empowered to investigate better. This means there will be regular visits by representatives to investigate status of non-citizen employees.

Moreover, there will be campaigns for education and enlightenment about the new regulations before they are implemented. Compliance with these new regulations is a major requirement for success with business in 2012. Additionally, there will be more changes accompanying entitlement for the visa. The purpose of these changes is to develop accessibility to, and usability of, available immigrant work force.

These new laws governing immigration and citizenship have been looked into thoroughly by the office of Best Practice Regulation. Based on their evaluation, these new regulations are meant to be beneficent for employers who employ foreign workers. Through compliance with new best practices, business institutions will be protected against risk and legal action for hiring illegal immigrants. This will help with risk management in the long run.

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