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There are many online behavioral targeting tools that companies and website owners use to study the behavior of their visitors or clients. Some of the most famous software are explained below in detail.


Owned by Adobe Systems, Omniture is an online marketing business tool that offers web analytics as well. The unit, based in Utah, serves customers in over 75 countries. It has several products that are being heavily used by online marketers around the world. They include:

-          VISTA – a server-side analytic tool

-          DigitalPulse – a monitoring tool for web analytics

-          Survey – a survey tool to know about visitor’s sentiments

-          Publish – a tool to manage web content

-          Merchandising – a tool specially produced for online stores for search and navigation


Silverpop is a big name in digital marketing providing marketing automation and digital marketing solutions. The company situated in the US has presence across three continents namely America, Europe and Australia.

Its main products include capabilities like Snooze and Send Time Optimization. The former allow companies to give their email recipients the power to stop from receiving marketing or promotional messages from the company for a limited time period.

On the other hand Send Time Optimization analyzes recipient’s behavior to predict the perfect time for email delivery. These tools allow companies to analyze data so that they can target their customers in the best possible way.


Eloqua is Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that deals in demand generation and automatic marketing software for B2B clients. The company that was incorporated in 1999 is considered a pioneer in lead generation services.

Eloqua has always taken interest in coming up with improved solutions. In the last leg of 2010, it promoted a new concept, Revenue Performance Management, which is aimed towards helping companies improve their sales by correctly predicting behavior so that revenue can be increased.


Webtrends is an American company that provides social, mobile and web analytic solutions mainly related to marketing intelligence. The company that was initiated in 1993 caters to more than a thousand big and small companies.

The company offers several products including:


Personyze is an Israeli company that provides SaaS. Its services are mainly directed towards website personalization. The company is very famous for actively participating in social media related services. It recently came up with new plugins for WordPress and Joomla as well.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics takes a lot of its features from another Google service, Google Website Optimizer, which was a free tool that was discontinued by the giant.

The new analytics tool helps companies understand the behavior of the users that visit their websites so that they can bring changes to their websites accordingly. It gives website owners information about their users from what their users are interested in (keywords) to how much time they spend on a specific page.

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